Another year passes!

Had a great 2015 doing a few fill in gigs and a good amount of recording at home. Managed to chase a band away from my basement by asking them to actually learn the songs they were giving me a list of weekly to learn. Oh well, three months of that crap was more than enough anyways. Something about music stands on stage at a gig still seems amateur hour to me.

The students that have the motivation to stick with their drum lessons and working at home on their skills did well in 2015 and I have a couple really talented kids this year as well. It's great to see someone discover a skill and work to perfect it.

Here is a pic of the set I use for fill in work, with the Roland TD10exp module on the right. The toms are double sided, one side mesh for using the DDRUM triggers and one side Evans EC2 regular mylar heads. I also use either the Roland PD120 snare or a Dixon 13X3 piccolo snare depending on what the gig needs. It packs up nice and small and is quick to set up and tear down.  Gotta get rid of that stupid Meltdown front head though, I currently just cover it with duct tape at gigs.

Unfortunately I finally had to kick Pamela out of the house, just not enough time for her lately! :-)

Here's to a great year recording with artists from around the globe on and playing live a bit more. WHOOP!

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