Another year begins

2014 is in the history books and it was a fine year. Many fill in gigs were played and a couple new projects began. 2015 is looking to be a great year for music. I have begun writing music, waiting for just the right people to come around in my small town is destined to take a while. As a result I have got myself set up with a keyboard/midi controller a few different Guitar and Bass VST instruments and some computer upgrades. It's liberating to not have to try to explain to someone what I hear in my head and be able to play it on my computer via midi programming and playing. At very least it is great practice learning routing and programming on my recording rig, and I end up with some great tracks to practice my drumming with. 

Drum students that manage to put in even a few minutes a day are doing well with progress on the instrument. Others seem to realize it is a commitment that they aren't able or willing to make. Teaching is such a great way for me to improve my own playing and push myself to progress as I help others.

Here's to a great year!

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