A new year begins

Wow, a whole year has gone by so fast! 2013 was a good year for music and other parts of my life. I am doing well with drum students and have recorded with and played with several local musicians over the last year. Many gigs providing lights and sound for various organizations for bands, theater and several events such as a demolition derby, school cultural events and staff training seminars.

My favorite dog in the world Tucker is doing well and is already 4 years old, time flies.

Several new gear additions to my growing studio world and I have been working diligently on learning more skills in that area. I have gained much experience helping others learn as well, always a rewarding thing to do.

I am doing well with repairing mobile devices for others and continue to learn new skills in that area.

I have found a few songs that I recorded of Midnight Thunder that I will be getting the drums tracked to and posted. Also several pretty good sounding live recordings that I plan to get posted online as well. We were a great band that enjoyed huge popularity in the North Peace region. All in all I am looking forward to more new musical endeavors and more new friends in the industry.

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