Rehearsals and students 

Have had a couple students make some great progress on their ability to play fills and working with drumless music. Great to see these young people who are actually willing to put in some time at home, even if it is a minimum it's more than most. 

Was supposed to have a rehearsal Thursday but it got moved to Saturday, hopefully we have some fun and can  maybe play a few gigs.

Being the the busiest band in the area, but also being the band with lyric sheets in binders or on ipads is still kinda like being the smartest kid on the short bus. I don't want to be in that sort of band, looking forward to playing a few songs at very least. It's always fun to play music.

Have been pretty busy with recording some tracks for various online collaborations in 2016, all types of genres too. Doing this stuff  keeps me busy, keeps me playing,  and the best part is not babysitting alcoholics, singers that can't come in on time and guitarists that can't play a two bar intro in time with a click. 

Another year passes! 

Had a great 2015 doing a few fill in gigs and a good amount of recording at home. Managed to chase a band away from my basement by asking them to actually learn the songs they were giving me a list of weekly to learn. Oh well, three months of that crap was more than enough anyways. Something about music stands on stage at a gig still seems amateur hour to me.

The students that have the motivation to stick with their drum lessons and working at home on their skills did well in 2015 and I have a couple really talented kids this year as well. It's great to see someone discover a skill and work to perfect it.

Here is a pic of the set I use for fill in work, with the Roland TD10exp module on the right. The toms are double sided, one side mesh for using the DDRUM triggers and one side Evans EC2 regular mylar heads. I also use either the Roland PD120 snare or a Dixon 13X3 piccolo snare depending on what the gig needs. It packs up nice and small and is quick to set up and tear down.  Gotta get rid of that stupid Meltdown front head though, I currently just cover it with duct tape at gigs.

Unfortunately I finally had to kick Pamela out of the house, just not enough time for her lately! :-)

Here's to a great year recording with artists from around the globe on and playing live a bit more. WHOOP!

So far so good 

The year is off to a great start music wise. I have been able to have pretty regular rehearsals with some local friends and we are booking gigs. Basic country/rock bar-band stuff, but it's always fun to play. Rehearsing some of the songs for the thousandth time in my career with musicians that the songs are new to is daunting sometimes, but ultimately that is fun too!

I have been working on some heavier metal than usual, some Slayer, Six Feet Under, Metallica and Black Sabbath. With the help of some Lemmy-nade all is going well. That fast double bass stuff is way harder now than I remember it being in my twenties. 

Also been starting some new collaborations on and will have some new songs up over the next few weeks as that progresses. 


Another year begins 

2014 is in the history books and it was a fine year. Many fill in gigs were played and a couple new projects began. 2015 is looking to be a great year for music. I have begun writing music, waiting for just the right people to come around in my small town is destined to take a while. As a result I have got myself set up with a keyboard/midi controller a few different Guitar and Bass VST instruments and some computer upgrades. It's liberating to not have to try to explain to someone what I hear in my head and be able to play it on my computer via midi programming and playing. At very least it is great practice learning routing and programming on my recording rig, and I end up with some great tracks to practice my drumming with. 

Drum students that manage to put in even a few minutes a day are doing well with progress on the instrument. Others seem to realize it is a commitment that they aren't able or willing to make. Teaching is such a great way for me to improve my own playing and push myself to progress as I help others.

Here's to a great year!

A new year begins 

Wow, a whole year has gone by so fast! 2013 was a good year for music and other parts of my life. I am doing well with drum students and have recorded with and played with several local musicians over the last year. Many gigs providing lights and sound for various organizations for bands, theater and several events such as a demolition derby, school cultural events and staff training seminars.

My favorite dog in the world Tucker is doing well and is already 4 years old, time flies.

Several new gear additions to my growing studio world and I have been working diligently on learning more skills in that area. I have gained much experience helping others learn as well, always a rewarding thing to do.

I am doing well with repairing mobile devices for others and continue to learn new skills in that area.

I have found a few songs that I recorded of Midnight Thunder that I will be getting the drums tracked to and posted. Also several pretty good sounding live recordings that I plan to get posted online as well. We were a great band that enjoyed huge popularity in the North Peace region. All in all I am looking forward to more new musical endeavors and more new friends in the industry.

2013 starts with a bang 

 Well, so far 2013 is starting of very well! Have stopped plumbing full time and am repairing mobile devices most days now. The work is interesting, I get to stay home, and it isn't beating my body up like construction work tends to do. Working from home will give me more time to do some studio work and get tracks to some studios that I deal with.

Just got an opportunity to audition for a solo album for an Italian singer that does some great stuff, should be fun. Hope to have tracks for that done within the week.

Rock on

Studio time! 

 Finally getting some time to dedicate to playing the drums and recording in my studio after a hectic summer of plumbing and construction work. I have a project going with some friends of mine that I am looking forward to dedicating some serious time to. We will have a full on website and facebook page set up as things evolve. This is going to be a great way to spend the winter months. A hint..........

Been an interesting year, or so..... 

Well, things have been pretty eventful the past year for Jimmy.  I had some work done on my lower back in February and that constant excruciating pain is now just a numb leg and a need to actually use handrails on stairwells. I am now in better spirits and physical wellness than I have been in many years.

I have slowed down my plumbing business to just working for my closest friends and family in that field. I am now repairing cellular phones and tablets nearly every day and teaching drum lessons. The work is easier on my body and is more rewarding for my mind and spirit. I am also beginning the long overdue task of updating the bathrooms and kitchen in my own home and generally doing things around home that I have neglected for a while. My wife and my dog just may appreciate seeing more of me around home too, I am actually not a bad cook!

I also now have more time to dedicate to my music endeavors and hopefully 2013 will be a busy year for me. I have been doing some recording for a group of guys that is for now an internet project but may become more. Website and recordings to follow over the next few weeks!

Just finished a weekend playing shows with a couple friends of mine that went pretty well for three guys that had never shared a stage before we hit it on Friday night. Playing some of my favorite hard rock/metal tunes that I never really have had the opportunity to perform in a band situation. The last 20yrs has been spent playing in country rock cover bands, which was what was available to me in my living location. The opportunity that the internet offers me is wonderful, to be able to play the music I love with musicians that love it too. Thanks to Cam and Trent for allowing me the chance to play this music live for the first time since I first started playing drums back in...........well.....back in the 80's! It was all at once a rewarding, terrifying, frustrating and exhillirating couple nights to play with these two very talented men whom I had just actually met face to face for the first time mere hours before performing. A humbling weekend working with talented musicians that has re-lit a fire in me that somehow I allowed to go unstoked for too many years. Playing drums is part of who I am, even moreso playing drums on stage is my own personal therapist that keeps me wanting more music in my life and less of the drama that is all around me in the world. Here's to an exciting end to 2012 and an even more rewarding beginning to 2013!


Back to freelancing after parting ways with the guys I was playing with for the last year. Feels good to have some new projects on the go and some summer fun planned.

Have some guitar effect pedals that I am working on modifying and have a guitar that I am finishing up as well. Should be a good year for getting some stuff organized and done.

Rock on

tough time of year 

Last week was the 2nd anniversary of my father's suicide, for whatever reason it is really hitting me hard this year. We didn't have much of a relationship, but he was still my father.

I am looking forward to playing some shows with Meltdown this summer, first one coming up is for Canada Day at Triangle for Pioneer Threshermans Association. Taking it pretty easy this summer as far as work goes, more drumming...less plumbing!