James Babcock is my name and I am a drummer living in Northern Alberta that is looking to play some basic rock and roll, blues,hard rock,metal, country, or country/rock and do some GIGGING. Playing live is my true love, but rehearsals are great too as long as everyone learns their parts.  I love 80's hair metal, electric blues, hard rock, and classic rock. I can play comfortable with a click or tracks and have a small recording studio that I use regularly. I also do fill in work and can supply sound equipment and lighting for small events and bands. I can record, mix and prepare drum tracks for a wide variety of music for all sizes of projects. Have a look around and contact me if you need a drummer, or I can help you with anything else related to the music industry.

As hobbies I repair, modify and build guitar effects pedals, amps and nixie clocks among many other electronic projects. If I am not busy repairing mobile devices during my workdays I am busy working on projects involving electronics, 3D printing, parachute cord knot tying or BMX biking. I am self employed and my schedule is pretty open ended for any project that I happen to get involved in. I love to organize and make sure everything is ready to go and top notch whether it is work, or play.

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New band in the works 

Been a busy few weeks for me, I have started working with some local musicians and we are officially a band now. Asphalt Cowboy is playing Halloween at the Triangle Community hall and we are looking forward to rocking the place! 

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