Rehearsals and students

Have had a couple students make some great progress on their ability to play fills and working with drumless music. Great to see these young people who are actually willing to put in some time at home, even if it is a minimum it's more than most. 

Was supposed to have a rehearsal Thursday but it got moved to Saturday, hopefully we have some fun and can  maybe play a few gigs.

Being the the busiest band in the area, but also being the band with lyric sheets in binders or on ipads is still kinda like being the smartest kid on the short bus. I don't want to be in that sort of band, looking forward to playing a few songs at very least. It's always fun to play music.

Have been pretty busy with recording some tracks for various online collaborations in 2016, all types of genres too. Doing this stuff  keeps me busy, keeps me playing,  and the best part is not babysitting alcoholics, singers that can't come in on time and guitarists that can't play a two bar intro in time with a click. 

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