Been an interesting year, or so.....

Well, things have been pretty eventful the past year for Jimmy.  I had some work done on my lower back in February and that constant excruciating pain is now just a numb leg and a need to actually use handrails on stairwells. I am now in better spirits and physical wellness than I have been in many years.

I have slowed down my plumbing business to just working for my closest friends and family in that field. I am now repairing cellular phones and tablets nearly every day and teaching drum lessons. The work is easier on my body and is more rewarding for my mind and spirit. I am also beginning the long overdue task of updating the bathrooms and kitchen in my own home and generally doing things around home that I have neglected for a while. My wife and my dog just may appreciate seeing more of me around home too, I am actually not a bad cook!

I also now have more time to dedicate to my music endeavors and hopefully 2013 will be a busy year for me. I have been doing some recording for a group of guys that is for now an internet project but may become more. Website and recordings to follow over the next few weeks!

Just finished a weekend playing shows with a couple friends of mine that went pretty well for three guys that had never shared a stage before we hit it on Friday night. Playing some of my favorite hard rock/metal tunes that I never really have had the opportunity to perform in a band situation. The last 20yrs has been spent playing in country rock cover bands, which was what was available to me in my living location. The opportunity that the internet offers me is wonderful, to be able to play the music I love with musicians that love it too. Thanks to Cam and Trent for allowing me the chance to play this music live for the first time since I first started playing drums back in...........well.....back in the 80's! It was all at once a rewarding, terrifying, frustrating and exhillirating couple nights to play with these two very talented men whom I had just actually met face to face for the first time mere hours before performing. A humbling weekend working with talented musicians that has re-lit a fire in me that somehow I allowed to go unstoked for too many years. Playing drums is part of who I am, even moreso playing drums on stage is my own personal therapist that keeps me wanting more music in my life and less of the drama that is all around me in the world. Here's to an exciting end to 2012 and an even more rewarding beginning to 2013!

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