About Me

I recieved my first set of entry level drums at the age of thirteen after many years of driving my grandparents crazy beating on any pot/pan/pail that was available. The music that I first learned to play and still love is melodic 80's style metal such as Ozzy, Motley Crue, Stryper, Ratt, Judas Priest and Kiss.  I haven't set the sticks down since! My passion for playing live is only surpassed by my drive to HAVE FUN! At the age of seventeen I played my first paid gig, I was instantly hooked on the feeling of being on stage and began to play regularly.

For the next few years I played in a few different bands in this order:

Stateside - Three years or so from what I recall with this band.  Country cover band that played local shows, mostly community halls. I played drums, no singing or other responsibilities. This band no longer exists. I have jammed a few times with some of the guys from this band over the years.

Young Country - Five years with this band.  Country cover band that played a little further out from my home town. We played pretty much every community hall in the North Peace area at one time or another. We were a fairly busy band that played most of our five years together as a three piece. I played drums, little singing and no other responisibilities. This band no longer exists. Though I have done a few one-off gigs over the years with a couple of the guys from Young Country.

Midnight Thunder - Spent nearly six years with this band.  Cover band that played mostly country, and classic rock. We had a large library of songs covering classic country to new rock. We were a very busy band that played most every bar and honkytonk North of Slave Lake. We also played many weddings and similar private functions in many community halls in the area. I played drums, sang some of the heavier rock songs, did most of the booking and transported the equipment. Also took care of marketing the band, maintained the website and mailing list. I also began to develop a knack for repairing musical equipment and instruments while I was with these guys.I was with this band for nearly six years.  This band is still playing the occasional gig locally as a duo, and trio as well I believe.

Tommy/DeSousa Drive - Original act that I worked with in Edmonton for a couple years. We played a few local gigs, and did a small tour across Canada before we went our separate ways. I played drums, took care of the webpage and organized many things that needed doing, also set-up guitars, and repaired/modified gear as required. This band has is no more, Vic DeSousa is now fronting a group called Stereo Villain.

Fusebox - I played with these great guys for about six months before we parted ways. We played one live gig at the Rendezvous Pub in Edmonton in January 2008 after which I moved on. It was basically decided that we weren't all on the same page as to how serious the band should be about writing, recording and playing out live. We never did get any recording or much writing done, not sure what the band is up to now.

Kyle Lamb - Tried for several months in late 2009 into 2010 to get a band going in Grande Prairie without much success. This project went absolutely nowhere except empyting a ton of money from my wallet and having this guy bail on me twice. Paid for studio musicians and recordings for which I never got any repayment, then he left town, all class. Pretty much a disappointing waste of a year and a bit of my life. People are people I guess, and I trust irresponsible musicians too much for my own good.

Meltdown - This lasted just about a year before a lack of direction and me losing my temper detonated this project. A band needs to be a democracy with a leader/decision maker, this lacked that totally so it was best we went separate directions.

I have played many shows for other groups that needed a drummer on short notice. I am capable of stepping into most live situations and making the gig work. I love to get people dancing and my energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Since moving back to my hometown of High Prairie in the fall of 2007 I have been working hard at improving my playing with a regular practice schedule. I teach drum lessons two days a week and have all ages of students. Teaching others has helped me to become a better player as well.  I am also learning home recording and am working with some great musicians from all around the world on a collaboration website called Kompoz.com. I have also done projects with many local musicians and also pass on my knowledge of recording/live sound to anyone that needs help. I often help local organizations that need sound reinforcement or lights for their productions when I can. I have having a great time working on my recording skills while I continue my search for local or not so local musicians interested in being in a busy recording/touring band. 

I am an energetic performer that loves to entertain and interact with people at shows. I am drink and drug free and take care of myself with good food and exercise. I hope to be on a stage near you soon! Have a great 2016.